Virginia Urban Planning Student to Lead Embedded Planning Efforts

Gianna Raggio Embedded Planning
Access Gianna Raggio’s op-ed on Embedded Planning at:


In a recent op-ed, Virginia urban planning student Gianna Raggio declared that she will lead Embedded Planning praxis in her community when she’s a practitioner.

As Gianna observed:

“Once I become a planner, I don’t want to be glued to a desk. Nor should I be. In order to make a positive impact on my community, I need to be present. To be an embedded planner, I need to be constantly interacting with residents in the community in which I work. Yes, that means attending community meetings. But it also goes above that. Embedded planners should go beyond what the job requires. Be present at community events, and contribute to neighborhood relationship building. Be a familiar face in the community.”

From #LosAngeles to #Norfolk and beyond, #EmbeddedPlanning is the future.

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