UC Irvine MURP program supports Embedded Planning

Image from the UC Irvine MURP program facebook (originally posted May 28, 2019). Connect with UCI #MURP at https://www.facebook.com/UCIrvineMURP/

Among the many excellent urban planning programs in the Los Angeles region, UCI MURP has been one of the strongest supporters of advancing #EmbeddedPlanning praxis. To the students, faculty, and staff: THANK YOU!

Looking forward to growing our partnership and developing future critical planners & Embedded Planners.

Through Mutual Aid, We’re Creating a New Way to Advance Embedded Planning Praxis

We’re working on a new way to advance #EmbeddedPlanning praxis. It’s an act of mutual aid by our friends at South Central Shirt Printing.

Embedded Planning was born on the streets of Florence-Firestone in South Central Los Angeles. The founders of South Central Shirt Printing grew up in #FlorenceFirestone. We take care of each other. They help me build community power. I rep their gear at public talks. This is how we do.

Stay tuned for more on this project. Meantime, follow @south_central_shirt_printing on Instagram 👊

Thank you #SouthCentral Shirt Printing and fam 🙏

Embedded Planning in MIT master’s thesis on ADUs in Los Angeles

Embedded Planning in Hannah Diaz MCP thesis Recommendations, MIT 2019
Embedded Planning in Hannah Diaz’s MCP thesis Recommendations, MIT 2019

EmbeddedPlanning has spread into urban planning student projects. One among many examples is Hannah Diaz’s MIT master’s thesis on Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) pilot programs in Los Angeles, titled “Bidding AD(ie)U to Homelessness?”

Originally from California, Hannah wanted to write a thesis addressing the highly personal issue of homelessness back home. Affordable ADUs are part of the solution. Hannah interviewed me and several L.A. planning colleagues for this project. I shared my street-level experience with regulation and legalization of informal ADUs. I was honored to see Embedded Planning mentioned in Hannah’s Recommendations, as it implores planners to understand planning’s technocratic work from a “human perspective and weigh the effects of regulations on real, familiar lives.”


Congratulations Hannah Diaz on completing your Master in City Planning at MIT Urban Planning #MITDUSP! Onward to professional praxis 🙌


P.L.A.N workshop

New name. Same vision.

The workshop advancing #EmbeddedPlanning praxis is now called P.L.A.N.

Praxis-Led Action Network

Each word comprising the acronym reinforces the values of this ambitious project.

What is my vision? We continue Embedded Planning advocacy by expanding into new urban planning degree programs, city planning departments, and communities. New emissaries become leaders in our network; our network exponentially grows. Action, defined broadly, is our drive. We challenge planning orthodoxy. We create new knowledge. We demonstrate the value of street-level #praxis. In due time, P.L.A.N workshop expands to include other areas of critical planning informed by the original rallying cry: WE CANNOT PLAN FROM OUR DESKS.

Embedded Planning becomes a meme

You know you’ve made an impact on the culture when your work becomes a meme 😄

This meme was posted today in the Planning Peeps group on #facebook! It references the #EmbeddedPlanning rallying cry: WE CANNOT PLAN FROM OUR DESKS!

Shout out to the meme creator and colleagues who sent this over today 🙌 Please head over to Planning Peeps on fb, like the meme, and post a comment on Embedded Planning.


Embedded Planning featured in APA’s Planning for Equity Policy Guide

The American Planning Association just published the Planning for Equity Policy Guide and #EmbeddedPlanning praxis is featured in the Further Reading section.

Thank you Miguel Angel Vazquez, AICP for your ongoing support and all committee authors for including the #PlanMag op-ed in this important resource for planners.

It’s incredibly humbling to be listed alongside planning luminaries Paul Davidoff, Norm Krumholz, John Forester, and Ruth Glass, who created the term #gentrification.

From Los Angeles to Seattle to Detriot to Boston to Norfolk, VA and back: “WE ARE A MOVEMENT” 📢

Medina Family ADU talk returns to UC Irvine Urban Planning

Medina Family ADU talk at UCI, May 31, 2019

TODAY—I’m at @ucimurp delivering the Medina Family ADU Story in Prof. Lynda Hikichi’s class UPPP 275: Site Development. This is the 9th rendition of this public talk and the 2nd time UCI Urban Planning & Public Policy hosts it, thank you! If you’re on campus or nearby, come through: Room 3240 in the SBSG-Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway building, 11:30am—12:30pm.

ABSTRACT: This presentation puts a human face on California’s housing crisis. Through storytelling, reflection and #EmbeddedPlanning praxis, presenter Jonathan Pacheco Bell @c1typlann3r, a zoning enforcement planner in South Central #LosAngeles, presents the story of the Medina Family from the #SouthCentralLA community of @FlorenceFirestone, who built an informal backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit #ADU for extra income after the sudden passing of their head of household. An anonymous complaint triggered inspection and eventual demolition of the dwelling for code violations. Jonathan himself ordered its removal. Attendees will understand the emotional roller coaster the family endured while embroiled in this regulatory process, and Jonathan’s inner conflict with the outcome. To help himself cope emotionally and to spotlight this family’s housing struggle, Jonathan has turned the experience into a speaking tour offering takeaways for planning policy, practice, and pedagogy. Jonathan will explain the @EmbeddedPlanning approach at the story’s core. This talk will inspire emerging planners to adapt and respond to the problem of housing insecurity with empathetic, activist, street-level planning #praxis.