Advocacy Planning at Cal Poly Pomona

Infographic by JPB @c1typlann3r

Next semester at Cal Poly Pomona I’m teaching a course on Advocacy Planning, Community Organizing, and Social Change inspired by the work of the late Paul Davidoff:

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As my work on Embedded Planning praxis progresses, I’m now starting, in earnest, to write on more topics close to my heart. This includes reflective autobiography, critical analysis of public space, Los Angeles and Southern California history, and profiles of community leaders written from my on-the-ground perspective.

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All of my writings and co-authored works are now available on this blog and will be updated as new pieces publish here:

We Cannot Plan From Our Desks! at the 2018 APA National Planning Conference New Orleans #NPC18 via Jonathan Pacheco Bell @c1typlann3r