Candidate Statement for CAPE Board of Directors

CAPE represented planners, engineers, appraisers, GIS professionals and inspectors:

My name is Jonathan P. Bell. I’m a planner in the Zoning Enforcement section at the Department of Regional Planning. Currently I’m serving on our CAPE Board of Directors, and was honored to accept the appointment after the retirement of a long-time Director. I’m now seeking a full-term on the Board, and I humbly ask for your vote.

Leadership, experience, and dedication are the qualities I bring to our Board. Since 2012, I’ve served as a CAPE Delegate striving to improve workplace conditions for members. My service includes:

– 2013 and 2015 Contract Negotiations teams
– 2014 Political Endorsement Committee
– Recruitment of 13 new members since 2012
– Organizer for 2013 pay raise petition that garnered over 1,700 member signatures, and was delivered to the BOS

I’m proud that my hard work in support of our members helped me earn the Robert “Bob” Remes Outstanding CAPE Volunteer Award in 2014. This is the passion you’ll always get from me as your Board Director.

Union activism is in my blood. My mom and dad were Communications Workers of America union members for a combined 56 years. Mom was a CWA Shop Steward, and I helped her write grievances when I was in college. As your Board Director, I’ll continue to fight for union members, as I always have.

You need a Board Director who’ll fight hard for better benefits, wages, and pensions for our 2,700+ hardworking members. I have. I WILL.

I humbly ask for your vote.

In solidarity,
Jonathan P. Bell