My Works to Date on Embedded Planning

Paragraph from a paper on #EmbeddedPlanning by CPPENV MURP student Gaby Ruiz. Source: @EmbeddedPlanning on Instagram.

I’ve been doing more talks about Embedded Planning in high school and college classes, as well as meeting students for one-on-one conversations about my praxis, all through Zoom during this Coronavirus pandemic. I realized that I was sending lots of follow up emails providing links to my writings. After copy-pasting the same content several times, it became apparent that there was a more efficient way. This is it.

This post serves as the first compilation of my public works (writings, interviews, and more) on Embedded Planning. As my work on this street-level planning praxis evolves, I’ll share updated compilations as new posts on this infrequently updated blog.

Questions about Embedded Planning? Hit me up here.


We Cannot Plan From Our Desks, Planning. October 2018.

“We Are a Movement”: Students Advance Embedded Planning at the 2019 National Planning Conference, UrbDeZine. May 2019.

The Unforgettable Role of Cal Poly Pomona in the Development of Embedded Planning, Medium. June 2020.

An Urban Planner on the Ground in South Central Los Angeles, UrbDeZine. January 2018.

Mutual Aid at Lunchtime, Cultural Weekly. December 2017.

The Invisibility of Code Enforcement in Planning Praxis: The Case of Informal Housing in Southern California, Focus. 2016.


You Are Planning podcast interview. May 2020.

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