Where is the Next Embedded Planning Praxis Struggle Talk?

Image: Columbia GSAPP

I enjoyed launching my new talk “Embedded Planning is Worth The Struggle” at Columbia GSAPP last November. I’m now working on scheduling in-person venues for 2023. Where should we go next?

I appreciate the shout out from the GSAPP Urban Planning Program Council in the Fall 2022 semester in review:

“Urban Planning Program Council welcomed Andrew Cronson (M.S. UP and M.S. HP ‘25), Shannon Hui (M.S. UP ’24), Ethan Floyd (M.S. UP ’24) and Ted Lim (M.S. UP ’24) who were selected as the First-Year Program Council Representatives. They joined Victoria Lin (M.S. UP ’23) and Matthew Shore (M.S. UP ’23) who are the Second-Year Program Council Representatives. For the first time we hosted the Urban Planning Welcome Back Picnic in Central Park as well as a Campus Secrets Tour that allowed students access to lesser known locations in Columbia University. We also hosted the annual Thanksgiving Dinner and a Jonathan Pacheco Bell LiPs Lecture + Lunch so students have opportunities to speak to embedded planners who work in the field.”

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