Embedded Planning Shout Out at LandWatch Monterey County

Photo: LandWatch Monterey County

I’m celebrating Jose M. Torres on his new role as Housing Advocate at LandWatch Monterey County, congrats! And I’m celebrating that Jose cites #EmbeddedPlanning praxis as an inspiration in his bio:

“My approach will rely on my experience in public health, geography, and community planning. I truly believe that good planning involves making small, strategic interventions. I love the book Urban Acupuncture which explores this concept. I’m a big advocate of #EmbeddedPlanning – a community-focused approach to urban planning that emphasizes collaboration, engagement, and meeting people where they are in order to achieve positive outcomes. I will work with LandWatch’s partners and stakeholders to create policies that support these objectives.”


For more on LandWatch Monterey County, check out: https://landwatch.org